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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


They test you on:

1. Push-ups
2. sit-ups
3. 2 miles run

On the second day of Beast, you will be taking your APFT Test. Honestly, everyone will be out of shape for this APFT Test, unless you are an overachiever and have prepared for this test prior to Cadet Basic Training. Over 50 percent of the new cadets failed the APFT test on the first try. Most people fail on 2 miles run because of the lack of adjustment of their body to the weather and environment of West Point. Although I was very athletic, it was very difficult for me to max the run. Unless you are in Cross country or track, just try to build your endurance during the break. I know it's going to be very difficult trying to build endurance on your own free time over the break especially when you know that break is time to enjoy and have fun. But it will help a lot if you just run 1 mile every other day, or even everyday. Honestly, as soon as I got my acceptance letter, my mentality was "since I'm going to have ZERO fun at Cadet Basic Training, I'm going to use every second of my break to enjoy and party!"
Well, it really hit me hard when APFT came up. I was lagging pretty much throughout the entire route on the running portion.
Oh, and be sure to do at least 40 to 50 push-ups everyday, then you will have no problem maxing the push-up portion. Same goes with sit-ups. Just do push-ups and sit-ups consistently everyday, and you will rock the world at APFT.

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