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Monday, December 29, 2008

One of MANY MANY Reasons Why You Should Go to West Point

The grim economy has suppressed everyone into a tight budget and poured down anxiety and depression into much family’s home. Numerous stocks have plummeted, and countless people are being laid off every day. So, how do parents feel about the sheer college tuition fee that they might be facing in the future? Especially during the financial break-down? Well, you can answer it for me: dejected, depressed, worried, and I can go on and on with the list of negative feelings.
My point is that West Point is one of the best, if not, the greatest school in the world that offers free education if you are committed to play a role of officer in the army. On top of that, you get paid to get educated academically, physically and militarily so that you can become the most powerful officer in the army. You are free from dealing with a tremendous amount of debt from student loan! Over a million dollar worth of education is all being paid for by the government so that each West Point cadet can become a successful leader. Honestly, what college does this for and to you?
It is true that there will be numerous times where you will struggle and go through the toughest obstacles ever; it is true that you will also face risk, danger, tribulation and fear. If you think about it, the difficult route you take at West Point is so worth-while, after all, all the trainings and experiences will come in handy for the upcoming battle in the future. All these strenuous trainings are to prepare individually for the real-time, chaotic events happening in Afghanistan, Iraq or whatever places that need to be reconciled by the army. Everything you do at West Point is just worth it!
To keep this post short, all I’m saying is that if you do go to this school, money won’t even be an issue at all in your life. Just something to think about!


HoudiniLouise said...

I do think that it would be much more honest of you at this point if you disclosed in your blog that you are NOT a West Point Cadet. True, you were a "New Cadet" at one point, but you washed out before the end of the first semester.

For someone who was looking forward to "suffering" and "discipline," you sure didn't last long, did you?

And more importantly, your blog suggests that the reason to apply to and attend West Point is because of money. Not so. The ONLY reason one should attend any service academy is that they desire to be a commissioned officer in one of the branches of the United States military. If money were indeed to reason for attending, one would think you would have stayed. But it's more than that, isn't it?

I have a real issue with one speaking as an authority when one did not have the ability to finish what one started.

In my opinion, you should shut down this blog and refrain from giving advice about such decisions. There are many legitimate forums which can be accessed by potential candidates if they want to know the truth. Or, better yet, interested parties can access and get current, correct information.

Why take advice from you when you aren't even a "has been?" You're a "never was." Please stop acting like you are some authority on West Point, the application process, and making it through.

bucky said...

oh, lighten up HoudiniLouise. the guy resigned; he didn't "wash out." he's providing a positive resource here that other readers are grateful for.

Diane said...

well said bucky...

Heather said...

HoudiniLouise, I hope to high heaven that you are not part of the Corps. It would be far better for you to be a judgmental civilian talking about things you've never experienced then for you to embody the arrogant West Point stereotype. It cheapens the reputation of the Corps when cadets with your attitude open their mouths.

As for the validity of this blog, It very accurately explains what any New Cadet should expect from CBT. This firsthand account is a great way to give potential cadets true insight into what they're in for. I wish I had thought to do something similar when I went through my Beast.

True there are other, "official" forums for such information, but everyone knows they are replete with ambiguity and political correctness. Peter's straight forward way of explaining his Beast is absolutely invaluable and his unapologetic account of his resignation is commendable. West Point is not for everyone and it is very important for New Cadets to know that. Everyone needs to make their own decision when it comes to the academy. It is note worthy that he made his and has the confidence and humility to share it with those who will listen.

Heather said...
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